Sheep don’t ask questions. Kids do. And somewhere along the way, we lose our ability to think critically. The Unzipped Truth is all about holding onto that child-like ability to search for the truth. Don’t accept the status quo. Do not take anything for granted. If you have a question that needs unzipping, submit it here. Have some wisdom you can offer? Share it here.


The Unzipped Truth is the brainchild of Marta Ibarrondo, Cultural Matador, provocateur, unaccomplished illustrator, street artist, creative director and art director.


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Questions New Yorkers Are Asking

To begin a citywide dialogue with New Yorkers, we stenciled simple, yet provocative, questions on sidewalks along with #unzippedtruth. The conversation continued through social media channels and directed people to

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Invading The Whitney Museum

Taking advantage of the fact that the Whitney Museum was holding a retrospective on Jeff Koons, the most expensive living artist today, a dozen volunteers and I decided to question the ridiculous, skyrocketing prices of modern art. The Museum’s guards were not amused.

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Questioning Christmas

Most everyone enjoys Christmas, but no one stops to think about the important questions of the season. So we decided to get people thinking. We placed Christmas ornaments emblazoned with such questions as “Why does Jesus hate December 25th?” on the decorated trees in department stores, shops and building lobbies throughout New York.

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"Thanks to a three hour- long debate with Marta about "Apple vs Orange” she convinced me to go with my second choice. I owe much of my success to her inquisitive and combative mind."

Steve Jobs

"The nonsense, absurdity and waste of time behind The Unzipped Truth inspired me to write Nausea.” 

Jean Paul Sartre

“The Unzipped Truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.”

Gloria Steinem

"After spending four straight hours answering questions from The Unzipped Truth, I like to give my mind a rest by tackling easier issues like the volatile global economy, unrest in the Middle East, and the Tea Party agenda.”

Barack Obama

"Penetrating, deep. The Unzipped Truth embodies a metaphysical systematic examination of what it means to be human.”


Enough of the b-o-r-i-n-g stuff, let’s get to the real questions and the colorful answers. Put some pizzazz in your inbox occasionally.